JENTZSCH IT is a law firm highly specialized in information technology law and legal questions related to data privacy and IT security. Dr. Jana Jentzsch founded the firm in 2009, it is registered in the commercial register at the Hamburg Court, Germany. The firm’s office is located in the Alsterarkaden next to the historic town hall.

Our advice on information technology related issues is wide-ranging, covering IT compliance, software licensing and intellectual property, data analytics, new AI tools, the Internet of Things, facial recognition, adtech, data privacy investigations, cyber breach and other security matters, competition concerns and more.

We advise clients in many sectors, including the highly regulated healthcare and insurance sectors.

Our goal is to develop the best legal solution for the Client, considering the technical infrastructures and the given economical circumstances. We look at the technical foundation of involved software and IT systems in detail in order to be able to draw  the most efficient conclusions for the legal evaluation. Our team of attorneys is not only fit in the legal rules that need to be applied, but also has a sound technical knowledge.