Environmental Policy

JENTZSCH IT seeks excellence in every aspect of our business and are committed to continual improvement of our performance and minimizing the environmental impact of our operations, including through prevention of pollution.

Our environmental policy sets not only certain abstract principles and goals which shall enhance mindful and sustainable behavior of the firm and its employees. Instead, we try to set our sustainability goals as concrete and measurable as possible.

Our Environmental Policy is as follows:

  • We will ensure compliance with all environmental legislation applicable to us.
  • For all lawyers and other employees, the use of public transport is being subsidized. Lawyers and other employees, including partners, do not have the possibility to drive business cars. The firm neither buys, nor leases any business cars.
  • We offer web/video meetings to Clients to avoid travel whenever useful and possible.
  • Public transport is the preferred traveling method whenever possible. Lawyers are generally expected to travel by train to business meetings. Flights are only booked if the flight time is a tremendous advantage of at least three hours (door to door) in comparison to a train ride.
  • JENTZSCH IT has introduced a digital office with digital files. Paper prints are avoided whenever possible.
  • Our office letterhead and documents are printed on FSC-certified paper. We decide for printers, copiers, scanners with low emission rates.
  • We will give priority to energy and environmental considerations when we source and select products and services and ensure that our suppliers have a verifiable commitment to environmental standards.
  • We will buy our electricity on a green tariff, whenever possible.
  • On events of our firm (e.g. Christmas party, Client events) only vegetarian food is served.
  • We will monitor and report on our energy use annually. Ms. Nicole Urban, our office manager, is our sustainability agent controlling these processes.
  • We support WWF with an annual donation. Should for any reason, the firm decide to stop such annual donation, it will be assured that the same amount will be donated to an organization that is committed to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth.
  • This Environmental Policy is communicated to all employees with their employment contract. The Environmental Policy can only be changed with consent of the Management Board (Geschäftsführung).