We are working with clients across Europe, the United States and worldwide. If you are interested in working with us, we invite you for a free digital meeting or phone call in order to tell us about your situation, so that we can discuss the options for a possible engagement.

Foreign companies in particular ask us for advice and support with regard to:

  • Software licensing contracts, in particular SAP contract consulting;
  • German & EU data protection and IT security laws, in particular related to GDPR compliance;
  • Legal questions regarding a German market entry for digital companies.

Software Licensing Contracts

We have advised foreign companies concerning possibilities to draft, interpret and negotiate their SAP software contracts. Although we are not able to give legal advice on the laws of a foreign jurisdiction, we have a sound experience with SAP’s software licensing models, metrics/user types and common practices.

Furthermore we have advised international Clients with software licensing contracts that are subject to German law.

Data Privacy Consulting

We offer extensive data privacy consulting services for companies and institutions to ensure compliance with GDPR and other privacy laws. This includes solutions for Clients from the health and transport sectors, where specific privacy provisions and enhanced standards for IT security apply.

Read more at our Data Privacy page to learn about the services we offer and how we can support your company to obtain full GDPR compliance.

German Market Activity

We offer legal advisory services for foreign companies planning to enter the German or European market.
Our service scope covers all legal aspects with regard to the market entry process of hardware, software, apps/social networks, or other IT services – starting from the initial legal assessment prior to the market entry, ending with continous legal support after your German business was set up.

Your tech company wants to enter the German market and you are looking for professionl legal support? Then don’t hesitate to contact us!

We offer continuous legal advice with regard to German and EU privacy laws and data protection issues. This includes questions of international data transfers and cloud computing. As Germany has – compared to international standards – very strict data protection laws, we recommend a legal assessment of your business model prior to starting business in Germany.