License Optimization from a Legal Perspective

Dr. Jana Jentzsch

  • Certified attorney for information technology law

  • Main focus on SAP-Contracts

“Legal Expertise for better SAP-Contracts”


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Big software vendors have thousands of employees in sales who are trained to rise revenues as high as possible.Vendors continually elaborate ingenious new metrics to generate further income.  The results are highly complex and regularly changing license models which become more and more difficult to follow.

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Dr. Daniel Taraz

  • Specialized Lawyer for IT-Law

  • Microsoft & SAP Licensing

“Legal Optimization for a future-proof license management”

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Software licenses are often used globally within the Group. It is important that your contracts correctly reflect international usage.


We value your business partnership with the vendor and work with you in order to achieve a mutual understanding and solution. You shall take the benefit, and your partnership with the vendor shall remain friendly.


Success matters. While short-terms achievements can also be achieved by a purely commercial optimization activity, the legal approach fosters sustainability and facilitates your long-term success.

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OPTILICENCE is a registered brand of JENTZSCH IT Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH.

We offer specialized solutions in the area of software licensing.

Our main expertise is analyzing, drafting and negotiating software licensing contracts

with the aim to optimize the contracts for the customers.

We work in teams with technical and business consultants

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